Vision 2015:Rise Up Families – Supporting Professionals Serving Families Globally

Our Mission

FFCA has a mission to enhance the capacity of service providers and help create a legacy of making a difference in the lives of children, reducing global child poverty and strengthening families—to include the presence of a father.

Vision 2015

Planted as a seed in rural Arizona, Fathers & Families Coalition of America’s vision is to improve the lives of children through father involvement and building stronger families. We will strive to produce the best out Fathers & Families Coalition with our Year of Rise Up Families!

  • Increase coalition members as local chapters (affiliates) throughout the United States and in other nations that will create a platform of support and networking.
  • Maximize our potential by using our virtual and social media platforms to reach more nations and help international organizations develop or enhance strengthening family and father services.
  • Launching a new inspirational and educational platform: Cornerstone:Dads eJournal promoting healthier fathers and families global publication.
  • National Policy Council will allow our organization to develop advocacy addressing domestic and international policies promoting improved outcomes for children.
  • Expand our capacity building assistance  for professionals working with fathers and families at our national conference and summer conference in Puerto Rico.
  • Capitol Hill Days, National Policy Summit and National Policy Town Hall events to address the needs of “in-risk” children and families through advocacy platforms suggested through our National Policy Council Members.

The 16th Annual National Families & Fathers Conference in Los Angeles, California
Tuesday, February 17 through Friday, February 20, 2015

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6101 W. Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend 16th Annual National Families & Fathers ConferenceOpportunity for Partnerships; Accelerate Learning; Learn About New Trends; Get Inspired; and The Best Ideas Come When You Least Expect It.   Finally, when you look at the registration fees for this conference, you will discover it is designed to offer great opportunities at a very affordable cost. More than 80 nations have taken advantage of plenary sessions, distinguished speakers, professional development skill building sessions and FFCA  special events.

One of the most effective family-centrist organizations in the country.” Richard and Linda Eyre, Best Selling Authors

“A wealth of knowledge in regards to the importance of fatherhood, Educational, Informative,  Informative, Insightful, Inspiring, Thought-Provoking, and Timely.”  – Howard University, 2014 Attendees

“You are a massive inspiration to myself and others working on fatherhood in Africa! We have seen the conference reports – one day we will do a Fathers and Families Conference in Zimbabwe! “– Trevor Davies, Africa Fatherhood Initiative 

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