The International Professional Development & Networking Hub for Practitioners, Leaders, Researchers and Advocates Improving the Lives of Families and Fathers

16th Annual National Families & Fathers Conference

February 17-20, 2015 -Los Angeles, California

Healthy families, fathers and mothers support the development of healthier children and communities. FFCA is a leader in advancing professional development, capacity building assistance, and connecting organizations and individuals to resources that support improving child outcomes through father involvement. FFCA has a presence throughout the United States and International FFCA Affiliates as well as participants at a FFCA venue from   Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Asia and United Kingdom. FFCA will continue to ensure our programs promote healthier families and the importance of father involvement for their children.   Join us for a fantastic conference, networking, and inspiring event…

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Our Mission

FFCA has a mission to enhance the capacity of service providers throughout the nation, and internationally, so they will be better equipped to effectively serve fathers, mothers and children.

Our Vision

Planted as a seed in rural Arizona, Fathers & Families Coalition of America’s vision is to improve the lives of children through father involvement and building stronger families by growing domestic and international affiliates and membership for networking development, capacity building assistance and increasing common core standards for professionals working with fathers.

FFCA is making this vision alive by reaching out to professionals, researchers, educators, communities, parents, and both executive and faith-based leaders. FFCA’s vision, going into the next three years, will expand upon past efforts by developing virtual platforms to connect stakeholders to the best professional development and training, research advocates, and networks centered upon improving child outcomes through father involvement.

FFCA strives to be catalysts to champion the role of fathers in the lives of children in early childhood education and development, health and well-being and campaigning towards the reduction of childhood obesity. FFCA also strives to become a leader in health and wellness campaigns of physical and mental health issues and domestic violence prevention for fathers, mothers and families as a whole.

As the FFCA has expanded its reach through virtual professional development venues and social media, it now has the support of professionals from over 80 nations throughout the United States in diverse communities to include the Native American community, as well as communities with disproportionate opportunities for children and fathers. The goal is to grow the affiliate base to transition into Fathers & Families Coalition International taking the seed planted in Arizona, cultivating it and continuing to support the harvest of capacity building in the assistance of thousands of organizations around the globe to further positively impact the lives of children and the parents they serve.