Enrollment Support

Fathers & Families Coalition of America  

Alfie Mendoza-Tarazon 
Phoenix, Arizona


My passions/priorities are God, family and helping others – in that order. Without God I am nothing. Without God as the center of my family, we are nothing. My husband and three sons mean the world to me and I work every day to make sure they are cared for, well-fed, happy and live in a happy, God-fearing, peace-filled and loving home. Outside of my home, I strive on helping others and making others happy. I believe in rewarding those who have done well and acknowledging their efforts. If I can help anyone, I will try my best to do so. Because of this, I work with the FFCA.

Why Am I a part of Fathers & Families Coalition of America?

I fell upon my position at the FFCA by chance. In 2013, I was going through a family crisis. Because of my crisis and all of the problems I saw as a result of it, I was considering starting a nonprofit of my own helping spouses and children of the incarcerated, but I had no idea where to start. I had no connections or even a clear understanding of the nonprofit world as I had spent most of my career in editing and medicine. One day, my aunt introduced me to James Rodriguez, the CEO of Fathers & Families Coalition of America. We first became friends through the church. He encouraged me to start my nonprofit, but at the time I could not leave my job and spend the countless hours needed to start a nonprofit with no incoming financial support. During that time, however, I realized that the FFCA was doing a great service to fathers. I noticed that they needed help with editing. I did a few small jobs at first such as editing their website, their conference programs, emails, etc. I got to experience just how much the FFCA was helping fathers and families. I got to meet others in the nonprofit field and began to understand more about the whole process. Although I realized the importance of what Fathers & Families Coalition of America brought to fathers and families around the globe, I noticed that without the financial support needed to run a nonprofit, the FFCA could find themselves in a position where they would not be able to make that difference. At the time, Mr. Rodriguez had no one to take care of his accounting. I found an opportunity to help. I began, as a friend, trying to get his Accounts Receivables/Payables on track. It became my second job, which I take seriously. Now, I help with editing, event planning, registration management and accounting. I’ve learned a lot about nonprofits in the process and I’m happy to be a part of one that I believe is making a huge difference in the lives of families.