Summer Institutes with FFCA Affiliates, Regional and State Leaders

Join national and local leader at one of the three planned regional conferences in a series of opportunities to expand practitioner abilities, organizational capacity building, research and program evaluation, and networking. The FFCA Certificate Program received National Association of Social Workers certificate approval that will be offered at all Summer Regional Institutes with Continuing Education Units sponsored by National Association of Social Workers and certificate issued with approval by Fathers & Families Coalition of America, Office of American Indian Projects School of Social Work Arizona State University and National Association of Social Workers…


These regional programs will have a focus on the following:


  • The Role of Fathers on Child Development;


  • Developing Culturally Appropriate Programs;


  • Skills to Provide Services for African American-Latino-Native American-Asian American Fathers and Families;


  • Working with Correctional Systems-Incarcerated and Re-Entry Fathers;


  • Working with Child Welfare Systems;


  • Working with Child Support and Other Systems;


  • Developing Effective Healthy Relationship-Marriage Services;


  • Facilitation Skills for Practitioners;


  • Evaluating Practice and Program Outcomes;


  • Creating a Quality Assurance Plan.