Why Evidence Based Practices

Why Are Evidence-Based Programs-Practices-Models Important?

Practicing effective skills working with individuals should not be taken lightly.  Life Coaching field has many decisions to undertake for the overall validity of programs training coaches. Many of the skills a life coach would use stems from evidence based interventions and foundations from evidenced based practices. An example, Motivational Interviewing as a form of identifying which goals a person would like to address. The skill elicits the most appropriate ways to address these goals and strategies in meeting coaching needs of individuals.

Fathers & Families Coalition of America in collaboration with others to include Life Impact in the overall development of the Fatherhood Practitioner/Life Coach training programs have established standards working with diverse partners in the planning and design of this certification. We ensure to deliver culturally appropriate, effective, and sustainable practices that are a good fit for the targeted fathers and families being served by our diverse graduates.

Truthfully, life coaches do not have to go through the academic rigors of social workers, psychologist, marriage and family therapists, counselors and even substance abuse counseling certification programs. However, life coaching is not therapy, behavioral health services and or meant for crisis intervention. There are other life coaching certificate programs with very limited training requirements. The lack of evidence based practice training and then to certify a life coach, would be unethical and even potentially dangerous. Moreover, for our program, having just one or part of one of the collaborating instructions as a standalone and certify others as Fatherhood Practitioner/Life Coaches would call into question the decrease the overall fidelity and standards.

Our standards for training are based on proven strategies and evidence based interventions as recognized by the National Registry of Evidence-Based Practices and Program, Council of Social Work Education-Community Based Education programs as well as over 20-years’ experience working with fathers. There are various entities that have formed standards for coaching, such as, International Coach Federation (founded in 1995) and or International Association of Coaching (founded in 2002) with good starting standards but we strive for excellence. Where these appreciated standards establish a run-way, we take-off with intentional training trauma informed care practices, Seeking Safety, National Fatherhood Practitioner Credential, access to evidence based fatherhood curriculum training and mentoring best practices and more. The skills introduce in the training for healthy relationships, coping with emotional triggers, grounding and other skills are intended for a robust program leading to successful coaching and termination of coaching with clients.

Because Fatherhood Life Coaching program focuses specifically on the skills of professionals already working with families, our program advances their skills to the unique practices to be successful with men/fathers. The classroom hours and practicum provides support of advanced professionals as well as whom desire a practice coaching fathers and families. The Fatherhood Life Coach Program requires classes (on-site, virtual, live, video and home study), exams, development of case scenarios, documented social and relationship awareness skills, and documented hours of providing coaching as well as receiving training from qualified professionals in the fields of social work, psychology, psychiatry, marriage and family therapy and criminal justice that give a robust and holistic perspectives with experience. 

Learn more about our standards and or connect with us to learn more about our program by calling us at +1-424-225-1323 or alfie@fathersandfamiliescoalition.org