Transformational Fatherhood Practitioner Coaching

Fathers & Families Coalition of America included Life Impact in the development of the coaching centered training, transformational coaching process.  The coaching-centered training is approximately 20-hours of training with a continuum of over 60-hours of training and practicum. Life Impact has created training from three nationally recognized life coach training of trainers that include: Coach ​Training ​Alliance, ​*(CTA) ​Relationship ​coaching ​with ​Relationship ​Coaching ​International ​*(RCI) ​and ​certification ​with ​New ​Life ​Story, ​Mentoring ​Wellness ​Mindsets ​Coaching ​as developed by ​Dr. ​David ​Krueger, ​M.D. ​*(MentorPath).

The unique strategy for this life coaching certification program goes deeper with trauma informed care evidence based training, motivational interviewing training, emotional intelligence training, and more through Fathers & Families Coalition of America with a new blueprint of coaching training infused into this program to focus on the needs of fathers, children and families to not give up on their dreams to allow the process of their insights, transformed into a clear vision and cultivating into envision that makes a difference their lives with Fatherhood Practitioner Life Coaches being aside the individuals/families in support of the needs of those whom they are working with in a nontherapeutic role.

Life Impact’s training on the commitment to collaborative empowerment-based relationship between the coach and the client that the individual to can maximize and or even discover their own potential.  Transformational coaches provide feedback, insights and guidance from an objective point of view, assisting the client to define their dreams, discover what is hindering progress and create clarity, which produces momentum.

Since coaching is goal-oriented, rather than issue focused, clients move forward instead of backwards. They are then able to reach their goals faster and sustain them accomplishments. This joint process is action-oriented, starting from where the client is in the present, to discover those beliefs and behaviors that are hindering progress. This non-judgmental partnership provides the options for the client to determine which behaviors and beliefs, they want to keep and the ones they want to change.

The Life Impact coaching process provides a holistic approach effecting every area of life: personal, professional and relational, as well as health and wellness. The following are concepts introduced in the Life Impact training:

  1. Foundation of Life Coaching Practice - Impact Shift
  2. Principles of Coaching
  • The Starting Point
  • Neutrality
  • Empathy
  • Peer-To-Peer Relationship
  • Coaching with Integrity
  • Shifting From “Doing to Being”
  • Becoming A Life Impact Transformational Coach
  • Attributes of a Successful Coach
  • Benefits of Being a Coach
  • Benefits and Dynamics of Having a Professionally Trained Personal Coach
  • Focused Attention on You and Your Goals
  • Goal-Directed:
  • Revelatory:
  • Authentic:
  • Holistic Coaching
  • Responsive:
  • Experiential:
  • Transformational:
  • Why Coaching Works
  • How Do I Get Clients?
  1. Developing Your Impact Statement
  2. Focus on What You Want Your Practice to Look Like
  3. Building Your Practice

The philosophy that Fathers & Families Coalition of America of integrity, fidelity, striving for excellence and supporting others with their vision, purpose and goals to what the individual needs and we have created collaboration approach in the design of the entire curriculum that students go through to include a business, branding and marketing development with Artest Design Group, LLC with an expertise creating a brand with our students. The ability to access this resource increases the likelihood  of a successful Fatherhood Practitioner/Life Coach practice.