Purposeful Practicum

The practicum mirrors the rigor of the classroom training as a method to expand upon the learning process in the Fatherhood Life Coach program. Learning paired with hands-on field experience in your local community activates a richer overall experience as well as increase of knowledge and skills going beyond “ah-ha” moments.

Life Impact’s Training Practicum Requirements-10 hours

  • Six applied learning in the Impact Shift training
  • Applied coaching in the Transformational Coaching training

Fathers & Families Coalition of America Practicum Requirements-10 hours

  • Assessment of Relationships
  • Three applied Emotional Quotient social and relationship
  • Case scenario development working with a father

The added value of taking the classroom instruction into practice prepares students to be successful with future clients.  The purpose of our practicum is to provide students the opportunity to work in a professional setting to develop and demonstrate skills to integrate the practices learned in and out of the classroom. Creating a sense of commitment to the profession working with fathers, children, couples, families, and individuals with a practicum requirement increases standards of excellence.  Practicum assignments increase understanding of the diversity of fathers in your coaching practices and the role of diversity in your practice. The practicum is a benefit future client, and to confirm personal interests and abilities in the fatherhood field as a Fatherhood Practitioner and or Fatherhood Life Coach.

Our practicum fosters students to personally affirm the validity of content presented in the classroom. The progressive, reciprocal relationship between the evidence based practices and coaching skills with conceptual frameworks and practice becomes a dynamic in the teaching-learning process for students. We process how the students integrate the knowing, feeling and doing aspects of their fatherhood practitioner and or fatherhood life coaching training. It is designed to produce a knowledgeable, skilled, self-evaluating and professionally reflective individual who will work with fathers.