Fatherhood Life Coach Graduates

Know How

Our team of Fathers & Families Coalition of America with Life impact, LLC has created platforms to go beyond training into transformational teaching with a vision of helping others go deeper in their passion, dreams, goals and actualizing stretching to become their best.


20 Years Reputation

Fathers & Families Coalition of America has trained over 30000 individuals over 18-years and partnering with Life Impact touching the lives of others globally with the highest standards and valuable professional development and parenting programs.

100% Satisfaction

Thousands and thousands of individuals who have gone through our trainings consistently give us 100% positive ratings. Our Fatherhood Practitioner Life Coaches go beyond a positive rating with testimonies that we are humbled to be part of the overall experiences. These the graduates of our Fatherhood Life Coaching Certification program, that we hope you will join us soon!

Ana Acosta 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Bruce Trammell, Sr 
Waterbury, Connecticut

Valentina Sedeno 
Oakland, California

Eddie Baker 
Vista, California

Tiffany Dix 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Fredy Ruiz 
Los Angeles, California

Kimberly Todd 
Cincinnati, Ohio

Kyron Jackson 
Los Angeles, California

Linda Rouseau 
Scottsdale, Arizona

Brian Williams 
Moberly, Missouri

Melissa Harris 
Catawba Nation
South Carolina

Sean Stevenson 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Andrea Brown 
Danville, California

Toure' Tyler 
Bakersfield, California

Angela Thomas, Miami, Florida
Gerald Palmer, Kansas City, Missouri
Sylvia Rodríguez, Pomona, California
Kevin Scott, Detroit, Michigan
Atilana Rivera,Olympia Fields, Illinois

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