Course Catalog

Our Fatherhood Practitioner Life Coach program is a 20-session experience over 14-weeks that is provided to meet the needs of professionals in a unique blend of live (in-person or virtual), video webinars, teleseminars and practicum that goes beyond training into teaching.  We offer rigorous, challenging and interactive teaching sessions.

As you go through this dynamic program based on proven and evidence based skills instructed together, there are other dynamics we offer. This program is conducted in a community forum, developing networks and professional relationships to take our graduates farther in their expected goals. The core course time is just slightly under 80 hours of teaching and learning together with two practicums for the application of skills introduced in the classes. We are committed to provide an additional monthly continuous professional development support webinars, access to Fathers & Families Coalition of America’s national conference at member rates, an annual leadership retreat as well as professional memberships into both Fathers & Families Coalition of America and Life Impact, LLC for advance practice support.  Moreover, we offer additional specialized training certificate programs for additional personal and professional growth.