Policy Briefs

FFCA series of Information Updates by National Policy and Intergovernmental Relations Workgroup (NPIRW) intends to use as a means to keep you informed of current information and activities related to national policies and programs affecting fathers and families.

May 12, 2015: Issue No. 1 Here
July 14, 2015:Issue No. 2 Here
August 31, 2015: Issue No. 3 Here
September 15, 2015: Issue No. 4 Here
In 2016, we have added Dr. Rufus Sylvester Lynch, ACSW, National Advisor for Affiliate Development with Ms. Debra Pontisso, Senior Advisor, Social Policy will produced bi-monthly for up-dates relative to the field of study, as well as policy briefs and alerts issued by FFCA.

FFCA will extend our recognizing of military fathers and families through our channels of policy briefs as an agency with veterans serving in leadership from noncommissioned officers to affiliate agencies led by general officers. We realize the stress and trauma to military veterans and their families that policy briefs and process of edifying others is a 2016 commitment.