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2015: Fathers and Families Coalition of America

2015 National Conference  Overview – The Wait is Over

 Announcing & Alert for The 16th Annual National Families & Fathers Conference 

Los Angeles, California 

February 17-20, 2015

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Held annually on the West Coast of North America the National Families & Fathers Conference is at the heart of Fathers & Families Coalition of America (FFCA). Top 5 Reasons to Attend 16th Annual National Families & Fathers Conference:

1. Opportunity for Partnerships.

2. Accelerate Learning.

3. Learn About New Trends.

4. Get Inspired.

5. The Best Ideas Come When You Least Expect It.

Finally, when you look at the registration fees for this conference, you will discover it is designed to offer great opportunities at a very affordable cost. More than 80 nations have taken advantage of plenary sessions, distinguished speakers, professional development skill building sessions and FFCA special events.

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6101 W. Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Fathers & Families Coalition of America is a little more than 40 days from an outstanding conference in Los Angeles that we want to full embrace stakeholders, community leaders at the National Families & Fathers 16th Annual Conference at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Los Angeles. It has been an incredible year for Fathers & Families Coalition of America. ​In 2014, ​ the FFCA had an amazing opportunity to serve over 700 conference attendees who desired to be nourished with information and resources supporting services to children and families. We were honored to have speakers from the White House, National Association of Education of Young Children, National Association of Social Workers, National Association of Head Start, National Association of African American Drug Policy and indeed our honor to have other national partnerships, faithful support, local affiliates, conference attendees and caring volunteers.

Because of our supporters, we experienced a dynamic year of global outreach extended into two African nations (Zimbabwe and South Africa), which has given inspiration to do more. ​This past year was just the beginning steps in meeting the diverse needs of families, children,​mothers and fathers​ -​globally. FFCA aspires to do an even greater work with​ your continued support,​as we work to extend our impact in 2015. At this important time of the year, please consider attending the 16th Annual National Families and Fathers Conference as our major annual event for 2015​,​ followed by a special​ summer​ program in collaboration with ​the Administration for Children and Families Region II.

FFCA has four assignments (one is an educational assignment) to help navigate stakeholders to enhance and​/or create best practices. One of our purposes is to educate,​ or reeducate​,​ the acumen on how to improve family engagement strategies. FFCA will introduce over 60 workshops,​five plenary sessions and two exceptional certificate programs that will give each attendee access to powerful strategies to sustain and improve services. A review of the program offers a glance of​an empowering four​-​day​conference. We have an astounding assembly of speakers, workshops, certificates and an extraordinary program to honor family, leadership, marriage and fathers that cannot be taught in a workshop or classroom.

In 2014, a working collaboration with Los Angeles County Office of Education – Head Start, Early Head Start and State Pre-School has challenged FFCA to do our best. This partnership championed a Head Start discount of 15% for all Head Start programs using this code: Head_Start. FFCA is honored to have a connection with Head Start at our gala that includes: Lutheran Service Florida, Head Start Home Base program’s nominated the father of the year award as one of the four honorees. A Site Manager for the Jordan Downs Head Start operated by Children’ Institute, Inc. in Los Angeles nominated her grandparents married 71 years!

We are grateful to host our evening gala at which time we will share honorees that walk upright in righteousness & pedigree the legacy of four (4) fathers; seven (7) couples; ​and one (1) extraordinary leader to be recognized on Thursday, February 19. These honorees are walking examples as mentors to many​with consistency and relevance of marriage and​commitment that inspire every generation. These are individuals who lead well and have labored to improve their families​and communities as follows:

The Honorable Stanley Seiderman National Father of the Year Awardees

Mr. Serafin Serrano, Santa Ana, California
Mr. Jamar Boston, Palm Beach, Florida
Mr. Michael Barrett, Los Angeles, California
Mr. Nicolas Bravo, Pomona, California

The Honorable John S. Martinez & Dr. Sharon Rabb Leader of the Year Awardee

Ms. Josefa Salinas, Los Angeles, California

The Dr. Gene & Sarah Barbara Blue – Couples of Excellence Award

Special Guest Couples:

· Mr. & Mrs. William McDowell and Gladys Knight McDowell
· Mr. & Mrs. Kenny and Faatimah Gamble
Couples of Excellence:

Mr. & Mrs. Raquel and Eugenia Martinez, 71 years of marriage, Sun Valley, California
Mr. & Mrs. Horace and Jolynn Adams, Jr., 46 years of marriage, Los Angeles, California
Mr. & Mrs. David and Linda Bradford, 41 years of marriage, Newport Beach, California
Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Vanessa Smith, 39 years of marriage, Whittier, California
Mr. & Mrs. George and Tamah Curry, 35 years of marriage, Atlanta, Georgia
Mr. &Mrs. Manuel & Carmen del Maria Gutierrez, 34 years of marriage, Coachella, California
The gala is open to the public and conference attendees for a special evening with tremendous keynote speakers to be announced!

Sheraton Gateway Hotel Los Angeles

6101 W. Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Room Reservations Here





The Los Angeles based planning committee has extended the early rate to 1-15-15 and this email is an opportunity for you as well to take advantage of a fantastic conference. Our Hotel Room Block is 98% sold so we expect nothing less than a great event which I hope you will consider and share with your networks. As a past attendee we will extend the Head Start discount for all registrations at our current “general rate.” We are excited about this conference and hope you participate and share this with others….


Specific training for Head Start attendees with our collaboration with Los Angeles County Office of Education Head Start we have developed strands specifically to support the professional development of Head Start staff designed for: Directors, Coordinators/Specialist, Teachers, Family Service Workers, Home Visitors, And Health And Disabilities Specialists. The series of sessions and national certificate programs provides significant technical assistance to support co-parenting…..

Head Start Community & Partners can take a 15% discount with a limited promotional code:



We have added a special guest to our evening gala: Gladys Knight! Mr. & Mrs. William and Gladys Knight McDowell will be part of a special program honoring marriage, fathers, leaders and more… Fathers and Families Coalition of America (FFCA) will humbly and honor as well four fathers, six couples and one community leader our 16th annual convening of the National Families & Fathers Conference to be held on Thursday, February 19, 2015, during our Dr. Ramon & Dr. Yolanda Nieves Red Tie-Red Dress Family Affair Gala.


Dr. Ronald B. Mincy, Professor, Columbia University and author of Failing Our Fathers Confronting the Crisis of Economically Vulnerable Nonresident Fathers just added to our dais of speakers, today, Monday, December 29th… Dr. Mincy will lecture on the multi-method, interdisciplinary study of the most recent quantitative and qualitative studies about vulnerable nonresident fathers. Breaks out of familiar boundaries based on race/ethnicity and marital status at birth. Focuses on the commonalities among nonresident fathers who are unable to support their children, given the mass incarceration and unemployment of the past two decades. Shows how to re-orient policies affecting vulnerable fathers, their children and families from the perspective of a leading contributor to research, policy, and practice in this field over the same period. Dr. Mincy will be added to our National Policy Summit as well as a featured plenary panelist speaker…..


On Wednesday, February 18th (review the updated conference program) FFCA has invited extraordinary leaders from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. U.S. Department of Education, National Pan Hellenic Council, Researchers, Justice Experts and more…. At the 16th Annual Families and Fathers Conference, a National Policy Summit is designed to whet your appetite and quench your thirst for information as a stellar group of knowledgeable government officials and key leaders lead discussions surrounding major National Policies that are pertinent to family strengthening, responsible fatherhood, early education of children and community involvement. Included are My Brother’s Keeper, the Affordable Care Act, Healthy Marriages/Relationships, Responsible Fatherhood, Family Engagement Strategies, Race to the Top Equity, School Readiness and more….. You cannot afford to miss out this opportunity to learn not only what policies entail, but also how to foster partnerships, devise coalitions with others to better provide services that are crucial to the health of family stability and family structures.


Please review our two certificate programs starting on page 11… These are just exceptional for parents, professionals, practitioners, executive leaders from all fields…… FFCA will provide continuing education NEW Fatherhood Practitioner Certificate Program: On Tuesday, February 17th will be an outstanding opportunity to learn Motivational Interviewing Techniques – Culturally Appropriate Methods; Participatory Action Evaluation & Research; and Best Practices through two certificates, please review page 11…….

Our Executive Leadership Certificate: Understanding Others by Understanding Yourself – on Wednesday, February 18th is a full-day seminar that in all my travels, 20 years in the military, 10 years with Head Start and 20 years with this agency, faculty at universities and or attending many sessions on personal-professional awareness, this session by Dr. Allen McCray is in my top 3 of all-time!

We hope you can share these updates with the attached alert to your stakeholders as well as attend this national conference with our Early Rate ending 1-15-15..