"You are a massive inspiration to myself and others working on fatherhood in Africa! We have seen the conference reports – one day we will do a Fathers and Families Conference in Zimbabwe! Many thanks”

Trevor Davies, CEO
Africa Fatherhood Initiative
Johannesburg, South Africa

“We were amazed by this professional conference with diversity that we learned a lot to bring to Australia. We support Fathers & Families Coalition of America and we are proud to be an Australia FFCA Affiliate”

Hon. Barry Williams, President
Lone Fathers of Australia
Canberra, Australia
FFCA Affiliate

“Fathers are the fabric of our future”

Nicholas Bravo,
Rancho Cucamonga, California
A Father Honoree

“Es sentir que eres parte de una organizacion comprometida con una mejor calidad de vida”

Aida Diaz, President
Asociación de Maestro de Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
FFCA Affiliate

“FFCA conferences keeps maturing my manhood, year after year…”

Stephen Browning, M. Ed.
Tempe, Arizona
FFCA Member

“Fathers & Families Coalition of America Conference is an experience with far reaching personal and organizational impact…”

Walt Simpkins,
National Conference Attendee
Schenectady, New York

“These workshops innovate critical thinking, while mobilizing teamwork through individual experiences”

Cesar Rodríguez,
Puerto Rico Conference Attendee
Las Cruces, New Mexico

“We Awyken Great Possibilities when we work together for the common good of Fathers and Families….. Every one of us has a vital role to play!”

Pastor Edward Smith,
Whittier, California

“What we learn and share at these conferences in working collaboratively with each other goes on and on in this world.”
Jeffery Leving, Ltd.,
Chicago, Illinois
FFCA Member

“Creating strong healthy family foundations to build better futures for all communities”

Josefa Salinas,
Los Angeles
FFCA Affiliate