Membership Information & Application

FFCA has the following levels of memebership


  1. National Affiliate Agencies: Organizations that aspire to enter into a formal agreement with Fathers & Families Coalition of America in leadership roles.
  2. International Affiliate Agencies:Global needs addressing the well-being of children and families enter into an agreement with Fathers & Families Coalition as International representatives.


  1. Organizations: We recognize that organizations benefit from training, technical assistance, ongoing quality improvement for their staff and a great level of engagement.
  2. Professionals: Professional development with evidence based intervention training, continuous education units, networking with experts draw professionals globally to FFCA.
  3. Students: FFCA aspires to promote national and regional training where students entering the helping professions can take advantage of quality training and mentoring.
  4. Parents: All our training programs have options for parent engagement. Many parents who receive training go onto entering the helping profession from FFCA events. 

Grow With Us: Opportunities to join us today starts HERE: Learn more about joining FFCA with our online interest form and a member of our team will follow up with you to join us. 



Increase Your Influence as a Member of Fathers and Families Coalition of America
By James Rodríguez

Greetings, I am James Rodríguez and I serve as the CEO & President of Fathers and Families Coalition of America. I want to invite you in collaborating with our agency as a member. The influential relationships that we bring to others help us, beginning with me, to be better than I was last year, last month and even today. We have opportunities to join us as a member organization, professional, student or parent. These memberships put you in a position to increase your abilities to influence your own purpose.

When you connect with Fathers and Families Coalition of America, you will be more effective with the right people, resources and purpose. We can be actively engaged on important work, however, if you want to increase your effectiveness when you become a member of Fathers and Families Coalition of America you will have access to core elements for transformation. As we grow, you will grow - Finding A Cause Bigger Than Self.

The process of changing our abilities as individuals, parents, professionals, leaders or even organizations involves constant growth. Fathers and Families Coalition of America is calling us to go deeper daily to provide more to help others and to help each of you fulfill your purpose. The core of the ability to increase resources is based on relationship. At the core of FFCA, we are built on relationships. These relationships include parents, grandparents and youth who want to volunteer to support our programs. We have had over 150 volunteers formally recognized in the past few years.

Relationships that have determined to help others Find A Cause Bigger Than Self has allowed our organization to bring together some of the best minds in organizations and practitioners. These core relationships provide professional development for practitioners and leaders to be at their best and be more effective. We have brought together those who have a method to help others find their purpose and achieve their goal through our talented researchers to help transform the seed, the core of organizations to rekindle, revitalize and restore the core power of the organizations.

The essence of our support is to encourage people, professionals and organizations to address building healthy communities by reducing factors that foster fatherlessness. This is the seed of Fathers and Families Coalition of America. Additionally, we will help you as a member examine your core power of purpose. Myopia distorts destiny and often yields to find new relationships, methods and continuous improvement to support the Cause Bigger Than Self. Whatever seed that was put in an organization or person that has passion often needs relationships to help cultivate the specific purpose. FFCA is here to help.

Let this be the day you decide to foster new relationships or rekindle flickering passion with a core group of committed leaders who all desire to serve our members and affiliate agencies. You can take advantage to participate with reduced or even complimentary trainings offered to our members. You can take advantage of some of the finest professionals to support your personal and professional growth to come to your organization, church, or group as a member to customize change oriented seminars. Our member organizations and members can receive credential and curriculum training and even training for future trainers.

The first step to joining as a member starts with this brief interest form here.

I, personally, will call each member and introduce our senior advisors who will help you and/or your organization as a member of Fathers and Families Coalition of America. We are humbled to have supported over 15,000 individuals seeking professional development, increasing their power, abilities and influence to make a difference in the lives of others and self. We hope we can be part of the process to increase your purpose and Finding A Cause Bigger Than Self. Learn more on why you should invest as member Here

We look forward to having you join FFCA as a Member today!