Finding a cause bigger than self


By James C. Rodriguez,
Chief Executive Officer & President

Your support extends our reach! Making A Difference Together – Making Children A Priority “It’s not just what we SAY, it’s what we DO.”

I am so thankful for each person and organization that has considered and actualized a collaboration with Fathers and Families Coalition of America. We do not take our collaborations and affiliates lightly. Our relationship with diverse stakeholders allows us to continue to help others, literally, to the utmost parts of the world with conference attendees from over 90 nations because our partners’ commitment, donations and affiliate fees provide needed support. We are most grateful for these leaders supporting our purpose… Finding A Cause Bigger Than Self!

Fathers and Families Coalition of America is an advocate, a leader in professional development and capacity building assistance for those working with families. We provide a place of solace for receiving educational enrichment to increase capacity to serve children, mothers and fathers building healthy communities. FFCA started as a local grassroots entity in Arizona in 1996, statewide by 2000 and global by 2010. In 2010, FFCA instituted a local affiliate member agency platform. As a result, by 2015, our partnerships have resulted in local FFCA Affiliates from Australia, Africa, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bermuda and over 60 U.S. cities that range from government, large nonprofits, universities, grassroots and faith-based organizations.

Fathers and Families Coalition of America is a leader in continuous quality improvement training with over 15,000 individuals trained in evidence-based practices to support fathers and families internationally. The impacts are tremendous, in consideration of the modest size of our organization, with global impact where others are Finding A Cause Bigger Than Self!

Partnerships formed by FFCA are not based on a one-time event, our national conference or regional institutes. Our partners have grown with us over time, thriving for commitment to A Cause where we both share the benefits of coming together to increase the capacity and resources to continuously improve services to children, parents, communities and nations. In collaborating with us, you will be distinguishing yourself as someone committed not to Fathers and Families Coalition of America, but A Cause Bigger Than Self to help us save our children from the growing realities of children in America and around the globe.

Upon partnering with Fathers and Families Coalition of America as a formal FFCA Affiliate Agency or our Membership Component (learn more here), we will send you a Partner Welcome Kit, which includes the various opportunities, based on your level of partnership, to help further explain how we can help others and each other. As we grow together, we offer like-minded leaders opportunities to serve as ADHOC Members to our Board of Directors, faculty members, hosts of FFCA Quality Improvement Trainings, positions with our Intergovernmental Policy Group and serve on our Board of Directors in support of the vision of FFCA — “Finding A Cause Bigger Than Self.”

Together, I am confident we can make a positive impact in the lives of others, helping parents and children around the world. I am sure that we can accomplish amazing outcomes to the process of building healthy communities. There is strength and power in partnership and this is the time to collaborate with Fathers and Families Coalition of America. As we grow, so will you!

“There are many who are joined to the work and are as voices scattered about; however, as an affiliate we are no longer single voices singing a perfect tune, but rather a chorus of voices singing a song for all to hear. There is strength in numbers and benefits of being a part of a movement that is gaining voice and momentum.” – Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ReCapturing the Vision, Miami, Florida-FFCA Affiliate.

Today, is the day you should JOIN US, regardless if you want to join as a parent, professional, organization member, or as a leader committing as one of the many FFCA Affiliate agencies. Again, thank you for considering a partnership with Fathers and Families Coalition of America and investing into A Cause of Making Children A Priority!

“You are a massive inspiration to myself and others working on fatherhood in Africa! We have seen the conference reports – one day we will do a Fathers and Families Conference in Zimbabwe! “– Trevor Davies, Africa Fatherhood Initiative.

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How to become an official affiliate of Fathers & Families Coalition of America here

Be blessed,

James C Rodríguez
Chief Executive Officer & President