Today, when you provide your sponsorship, it goes further than any event you have donated. You are part of building legacies for our children's future. Feel free to call me any time to ask how your sponsorship will be used and/or share how you want it used, from supporting parents through our training programs, attendees around the globe to increase their capacity to work with fathers  or to help us honor others. Limited resources has not stopped us from now providing training to over 19000 individuals from over 90 nations! We returned from Kingston, Jamaica training just a few dozens of committed individuals inthis poverty stricken nation with no funding to support expect it is our WHY. We're driven by WHY not the WHAT (funding) so when you invest into Fathers & Families Coalition of America you help change the lives for children in orphanges that we send small amounts of funding to and or connecting one of affiliate leaders to help others in South America, Africa, Caribbean and in the United States.

Fatherlessness Is A Global Health Epidemic and we need your support to turn communities of trauam into empoerment and prospertity. Our training programs can only do so much at the modest fees for service we collect and your support will augment the WHY....Your donation will help us continue our efforts to “… help us put our children first.” You will make a difference with your sponsorship and this is a great place to invest. Learn more below on why your investment today will have a great impact on others. I believe in that value and why the Alexa Listing reported over 6million visits to our website that now when we go into phase two (II) will provide an enhanced dynamic and cutting edge draw to visitors and to all of our supporters. The web design that will have looping video backgrounds on the front (home) page will illustrate the "why" we are driven to improve outcomes for children not so much the "what" we do or "what" need in terms of support but "we are driven by the why" . FFCA will only have two looping videos with a text overlay about the why and brand the sponsor.

Our Mission: FFCA has a mission to enhance the capacity of service providers and help create a legacy of making a difference in the lives of children, reducing global child poverty and strengthening families—to include the presence of a father. A key strategy with our organization is the tremendous amount of volunteers. Over 1,500 volunteers have given time to our efforts that converted them from roles, such as participants into volunteers and members. When you give today, you become more than a sponsorship. You are part of building new relationships on the foundation of helping others to help others. You will find such a place within FFCA as individuals stepping forward to donate.

I hope after we talk we you can join us with a donation, advertiement or sponsor supporting the why.


In Service,

James C. Rodríguez

Chief Executive Officer & President

Fathers & Families Coalition of America
424-225-1323 [direct line]


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  • Silver $5,000.00
  • Gold $10,000.00
  • Platinum $15,000+


All full page advertisers will have a vendor table at our national conference as an added value for your investment into our purpose driven national and internationally attended conference. We will offer an array of branding through our national conference program; eNewsletters; social media dissemination; website presence and new and very exciting conference app by Guide Book that allows for push notifications (limited to corporate sponsorships) as well as limited and coming soon video banner campaign on our homepage for Platinum Sponsors only. All advertisements and sponsors inquires should be sent in care of the CEO & President to


"Fathers & Families Coalition of America Conference is an experience with far reaching personal and organizational impact...”

Walt Simpkins, Conference Attendee Schenectady, New York

"These workshops innovate critical thinking, while mobilizing teamwork through individual experiences"

Cesar Rodríguez, Conference Attendee Las Cruces, New Mexico

“We Awyken Great Possibilities when we work together for the common good of Fathers and Families..... Every one of us has a vital role to play!”

Pastor Edward Smith, Whittier, California

“You are a massive inspiration to myself and others working on fatherhood in Africa!  We have seen the conference reports - one day we will do a Fathers and Families Conference in Zimbabwe! Many thanks"

Trevor Davies, CEO Johannesburg, South Africa