Testimonies of Conference Attendees


I am very honored to be serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Fathers & Families Coalition of America, along with many volunteers, consultants and a core team of passionate and individual committed in helping us grow. I have made it a priority to offer Fatherhood Practitioner Credential, Fatherhood Life Coach, and other specialty certification training, as well as our regional institutes and national conferences that give insight to increase the lens' view for the vision to give the best professional development training for those working with children and families. In addition, we are engaged with national and international leaders on local, state, domestic and international policy and research to both share with others and champion causes.

The constituents' needs for social policy and justice information, continuous improvement training and cultivating new comrades who are passionate as agencies, members and affiliates is a main focus. The overall process of our vision is to help others in empowerment and we use all the evaluations to continuously improve to meet our purpose. We have surveyed hundreds of peers nationally, not one evaluation was returned with a negative rating; however, I review all surveys to see areas of potential to stay committed helping others...or bringing in new programs to ultimately increase the wellness of children and families through the support of professional development of staff and capacity building assistance of agencies.

Come join us and be part of a great purpose and vision….

James C. Rodríguez - President & Chief Executive Officer


“I have so many takeaways, but it mainly furthered my passion for the cause of improving fatherhood in America”                                                     

- Anthony Perdue, Odenton, Maryland



“Many different ideas, curriculum and tactics that can be used to reach fathers in the program”                                                                                

-Arkayla Ancrum, Miami, Florida

“My take away from the Fatherhood Practitioner Credential training was that implementing a program with fidelity is key and also in this field, we must get comfortable with the uncomfortable”                                                                                                                                                                         

- Tatanisia Lumley, Bronx, New York


“It was very inspiring and it gave me ideas of how to engage Parents in our program”                 

- Yazmin Bu, Miami, Florida

"I took away many things from this training; however, the idea of doing more has really stuck with me. I really didn't know what to expect prior to coming but it really opened my eyes to what I could do to really impact my community and families."          

- Tommy Watson, Hammond, Louisiana

"The case scenario work gave me a deeper sense of all that it takes to work with father and making sure you handle each father case by case and not as a collective group."                                                                                      

- Sharmain Harris, Kenosha,Wisconsin