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Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of my family, members of the FFCA Board of Directors, FFCA Affiliates, and my professional family in Fathers & Families Coalition of America (FFCA) I am excited to serve and guide FFCA as a resource for practitioners and leader internationally. We have invested heavily over the past 15 years to support the capacity of professionals, researchers, and parents by exposing them to technical assistance and professional development support. If you are reading my position for the advancement of services to remove hindrance working with fathers, it is my vision that together, we will even do more…


I believe we are in a position that we must leave a lasting imprint that improves the lives of children in this world who desire the best from both their mother and father. FFCA’s purpose really is for children and create a stage where stakeholders come together and develop their powerful potential to make a change in this generation and an elimination of procrastination and now be about action. Personally, I can not wait anymore for procrastination, starting with myself. The theme for our agency, our national conference and throughout 2015  is “The Wait Is Over.” We will introduce more international local chapters, expand our national conference to a staggering 80 plus workshops focus on fathers and their impacts on children, mothers, families and communities. We will take our brand into other nations and support their capacity to serve families. We will expand on our research team and support agencies needing high impact evaluations. We will do more and I will expect more from myself to continuously improve my leadership, self-awareness as a person, father, friend and servant leader.

How can we deny children and that we must make a major impact on this generation.   We have so many knowledgeable professionals and researchers that must apply this knowledge to build programs. Action, the action of now to help build sustained and on-going programs that right now are touching the lives of fathers, mothers, children, communities and nations. Therefore, I am asking starting with myself and to you if you read this welcome letter that this is an appointed time for us to build. In the past two decades, I have never seen the outreach from individuals around the world seeking support with the agenda to improve fathers’ involvement in the lives of their children.


We need your help to build and sustain our platforms that provide powerful opportunities to improve the lives of children. What has happened with support by joining us as FFCA Affiliates;  I see as I come to end of my professional journey at FFCA that nobody can take credit for the past two decades for all of the global impact. If you join us right now as a FFCA Affiliate you would be coming at the most important time on the agenda to expand support now for practitioners around the world. We need your support now!  We started from humble beginnings from Coolidge, Arizona to Sydney, Australia. This is not a trick to get you engaged but to share the fact of a special seed that has grown into something special.  I want to share that when I started FFCA, I just simply got started. There are always more reasons that you can not then reason that you can. But I want to share it is now that you must either develop or expand programs out of the government, higher education, faith-based, and community based organizations to build for the future in the now and not your past. 


I could not build a legacy on what I intended to do or what I wanted to do and FFCA’s legacy is just in the infancy stage. However, in the past few years, we have expanded through affiliated organizations, professional development, public and social policy recommendations, and now we continue with a National Fatherhood Practitioner & Healthy Relationship Educator Certificate and an interactive International Hub for Fatherhood & Family Service Professionals. 


I want to share how we have grown from planted as a seed in rural Arizona, Fathers & Families Coalition of America’s vision is to improve the lives of children through father involvement and building stronger families by growing domestic and international affiliates and membership for networking development, capacity building assistance and increasing common core standards for professionals working with fathers. We have been fortunate to have the Affiliate base grow as a request  and I look forward to your continued involvement in 2014 and beyond by joining us now as a FFCA Affiliate. In 1773, Benjamin Franklin said, “Well done is better then well said”  we are getting ready to move in 2014 to say “well done” but we cannot do any of what we will do without you!


FFCA fosters opportunities for overlapping interest that support local FFCA affiliates while finding cooperative relationships in a joint action, such as professional development, networking, capacity building assistance and advocacy. It takes great time and effort to host a conference. It takes great time and effort to support regional convening. FFCA benefits from affiliate annual fees, as they are vital for our expanded reach through virtual professional development venues and social media, it now has the support of professionals from over 80 nations throughout the United States in diverse communities to include the Native American community, as well as communities with disproportionate opportunities for children and fathers. The goal is to grow the affiliate base to transition into Fathers & Families Coalition International taking the seed planted in Arizona, cultivating it and continuing to support the harvest of capacity building in the assistance of thousands of organizations around the globe to further positively impact the lives of children and the parents they serve.


The ability to create a foundation for professional development, promotion of strengthening families, wellness initiatives for children, mothers, fathers and communities with over 20 Board of Director Members, 50 National Affiliates and Four (4) International Affiliates as well as over 100 Member Organizations with programs  support or are actively serving over 16 million individuals. 


FFCA affiliates have augmented the structure to give a virtual academy platform through Livestream programming, which has allowed individuals from over 80 nations to participate. Without offering this virtual approach, in high quality professional development and capacity building assistance training, many organizations and individuals simply could not afford the needed help. Far from a perfect method of gaining peer support, we have been able to almost give this away, and many times at no cost or solicitation for donations or fees in large part. The annual FFCA affiliate fees give us the capacity to offer FFCA Live to over 137,000 viewer minutes! In example, during the 15th Annual National Fatherhood & Families Conference, we started with over 106,000 viewer minutes and when the event ended, we logged in more than 31000 viewer minutes. What an outstanding impact supporting parents, practitioners, directors, board of directors, organizations and communities globally!  Now is the time to join us as one of the many FFCA Affiliates…


RENEW-REBUILD-RESTORE-REFLECT: I believe our vision for our future and all of the organizations connected to FFCA in 2014-2015 will experience growth as never experienced before as a group. I believe we will expand and support others projects in hopes they Renew fathers; Rebuild communities; Restore families; and Reflect how to build collaborations and best practice programs or initiatives that allowed us in this past year extend capacity of peers by developing capacity building assistance, professional development, edification of elected representation in the United States and international has supported mix of nonprofit, faith-based, government, institutions of higher education as well as private sectors  in over 80 nations increase program design, network development a research in the following areas: to strengthen families, wellness, family violence, early childhood development and education, and prioritized health & human services with over 1500 trained professionals, 6,000 hours of continued educations and far reach through virtual platforms to strategically augment the efforts of others internationally.


This is an important time for the non-profit world. Often non-government organization documents are needed upon little notice, and with few resources or spending budgets, creating urgency and pressure for non-profit clients. Oftentimes, the biggest concern for a non-profit organization is funding. Funding, revenue and resources are often limited for non-profits leaving them to function and pay for necessary expenses on a very tight budget. This is problematic for many small or new non-profits who do not yet have firm, established resources for expenses toward various charitable causes, amnesty work and community support for international, website translations and other marketing documents. Now  is the time regardless to join us that as the visionary catalyst over the past seventeen years I see it is now the opportunity to increase the leadership through creating a new Leadership Council, Directors and those with expertise from new and existing affiliates that allowed us to conduct the first ever venue on fathers in a Latino nation in Puerto Rico. Now, is a tremendous time to join FFCA as the influence of FFCA will include a 2014 forum in Australia, Dominic Republic, Puerto Rico and building off those efforts into Panama and Mexico as well as throughout the United States to advocate for children and their parents.


I want you contact me at any time with to share how you can now be a part of Fathers & Families Coalition by email at james.rodriguez@fathersandfamiliescoalition.org or call • 424-225-1323. 

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