FFCA conferences anywhere at any time. As a nonprofit organization devoted to helping others build local with a global vision, FFCA has grown to support a global audience from over 90 nations through FFCA LIVE.

You have on demand access to schedule a session in Australia while our 17th annual conference 19 hours after our first day and watch the second conference FFCA LIVE from Los Angeles, California. Take advantage of what thousands have enjoyed, FFCA LIVE!

Through virtual programs we have been able to support professional development in 90 nations and over 500 U.S. cities. If you want to support but cannot afford to travel to one of our conferences, let the conference come to you! FFCA LIVE is our online academy to allow participate globally or down the street from our conferences.

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National Families and Fathers 17th Annual Conference
February 16-19, 2016

Virtual Attendance: We have a great virtual platform that we can now broadcast, teach, inspire and be present to individuals from their smart-phones, iPad/tablets or computers. FFCA E-learning Model is encompassed within a curriculum with a focus on highly creative interactive engagement of the FFCA Capacity Building Assistance Model. FFCA LIVE is a rich interface that captures participants’ attention and provides an intuitive way to interact. Instant access: Participants need only a web browser, java and Adobe Flash® Player software, already installed on most computers or Live Stream App
We have 180000 hours of virtual interactive online conference attendance…

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